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About Us

Book Anywhere

FrontMyFlight is not a booking engine; we work with the booking sites you already love.

Virtual Card

Use our debit card to pay today, and pay us back over time.


We automatically deduct installments from your account based on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule.

How It Works

Signup and Download

Signup with us at www.frontmyflight.com (requires a bank account and personal details, but not credit check). Then, download FrontMyFlight's extension to your browser.

Search the Internet for Flights

Find a travel itinerary that satisfies your needs on any booking website. FrontMyFlight is not a booking engine; we only help you pay for your trips.

Open FrontMyFlight at Checkout

When it's time to pay your trusted booking engine or airline website requests payment, open FrontMyFlight's browser extension.

Setup a Payment Arrangement

Follow prompts on browser extension to setup payment arrangement. We charge 20% of ticket price upfront and cover the rest at a small fee.

Checkout with Our Card

FrontMyFlight auto-populates your checkout with a single-use virtual debit card in the amount of your ticket price. Card is only usable in that specific checkout for the specific ticket amount.


What is FrontMyFlight exactly?

In the world of air travel, often times the best time to buy a flight ticket is now; waiting a few hours, even minutes, could mean paying much more. But, you don’t always have the cash to buy a flight ticket while its cheap. That’s where we come in — like the name implies, we “front” you a portion of your ticket cost today and collect the rest every week or when you get paid, say every two weeks?

How does FrontMyFlight work?

FrontMyFlight is a simple browser extension (on Chrome only, for now). When it’s time to pay for your flight ticket on any booking site, you simply select our extension, login and set your payment arrangements with us. FrontMyFlight will generate a virtual credit card, after we have successfully charged you a downpayment. You can use that virtual card only at the flight booking site for which it was generated, and it can only be used once. So, you pay with our card, while we collect (on pre-determined schedule) from your account.

Is this like a credit card?

Yes, in the sense that we issue you a virtual credit card. But, no, because we do not put a hard check on your credit history or carry all the baggage that credit cards come with, including the fact that they expose you to more debt since they come with blanket limits that exceed what you need for that flight.

How much time do you need before my departure date to front my flight?

At least a month. Remember, we only save you money because we help you buy while its cheap. Anything closer than that means you’re not getting as much value for your money and we stand a greater risk as well.